Steps to Set Up Yourself for a Successful 2020

Steps to Set Up Yourself for a Successful 2020

The NewYear begins with new goals, plans, and strategies in sight. Having a clear or strong vision is essential for success in both personal and professional life. It can be a guide that works as a compass to help you move forward in the right direction. You don’t need to have everything sorted out. This is why you must create a strong vision of what you want to attain in life.

Choose the correct path to reach your destination where you may have higher chances of achieving the success you deserve. To have a successful 2020, you must try to avoid abstractions and set yourself up for a stable future. Anchoring the ideas within our values and a clear plan of achievement is what changes the intentions into plans and plans into goals.

It is a no-brainer – your thoughts tend to have a very reflective influence on your actions, so conquer yourself instead of the world. You can play and win by harbouring a healthy mindset and positive thoughts. Sometimes, the things preventing you from achieving success are the things inside your head. You might be surprised to discover the reason why you’re not achieving success lies inside your subconscious mind.

It can be your fear of failure and sometimes your overthinking that leads to anxiety. Take a minute out of your busy routine and think about what drives you to get up in the morning. It reduces your fear of failure and helps you build motivation, which is essential for achieving success.

A famous quote by Thomas Jefferson states:

Nothing can stop you from achieving success with the right frame of mind, and nothing can help you to achieve it with a negative mindset.

It is better to navigate yourself first before you draw an imaginary line to limit yourself. Set your goals, try hard to achieve them, and construct your ways to triumph over your hurdles. Many keys are in the spotlight to make your 2020 successful, but here are the essential ones, below:

Set Your Monthly Plans

There exists a controversial conflict that plans and goals are interchangeable, which often creates great confusion. Goals are for long-term, tangible, and have the desired outcome while plans are short-term and a reminder of how you have to spend the whole month.

Through making your schedule by planning it out, you can meet the deadlines. We set goals when there is something to achieve, and we plan things when there’s an intention to improve ourselves. We create a better version of ourselves through planning things effectively. Also, monthly plans can help with acquiring new habits that make our lives more fruitful and productive.

Ask yourself a few questions before planning out your month:

  • What is my goal?
  • What are my most important values?
  • How do I present myself?
  • What are the deadlines I need to meet?
  • What is my priority?

Once you’ve answered these questions, create the plans that align with your core values and authentic self-analyzation. Moreover, stop looking for excuses to build yourself and work towards being the version of yourself.

Set Three Daily Priorities

Set your daily priorities, eliminate the distractions, and focus on your personal development to reach success. We have 24 hours in a day that are enough to get the essential things done. Be realistic but keep challenging yourself, as these things will help you accomplish the long-term goals for future success.

A Pareto Principle is here to track your success; it also optimises your priorities. According to him, 80% of the result is produced through 20% of work, which means if you manage to work for minimum hours with complete focus, you’ll have great outcomes. Set three daily priorities and meet them to check your productivity level.

The first step of success is to know what is your priority, said Aspesh.

Think Big to Achieve Big

Thinking plays an insane role in our lives, and it is said that we are the product of thinking. What we think is what we become. Every process begins from thinking about the plan, criteria, and outcomes that ignite us to be productive. It’s not easy done than said, but you can do everything once you’ve decided to do it. Your positive thoughts work like a gravitational force to pull success, opportunities and new horizons to you.

You can take inspiration from the lives of others, who worked out their whole life to make people like us learn. It is quite alright to make mistakes and fear failure. If the limit to your thinking prowess is as tall as the height of your roof, you can’t fly above that, try to expand it. Thinking big and positive can change your life, but only when you back it with focus and actions.

David J. Schwartz said that the thinking that directs your intelligence is much more significant than how much intelligence you have.

Commit to Learning

You need to always be eager to develop yourself through constant determination and passion for learning new talents and skills. Indeed, you can only learn when you wish to learn for successful future growth. It’s not easy to make commitments for lifelong learning. However, when you decide to commit to learn, grow, and develop yourself every day, it adds value to your personality.

Successful people share a philosophy of being a learner for life and unsuccessful people always respond to you as they already have enough knowledge to get by. The fact is, becoming a lifelong learner is crucial if you want to achieve success and become a role model in society. Read books on empowerment and inspiration to extend your limits.

There is no end of learning; it is a commitment for a whole life. Learning goes on from the day you were born until the moment you die, said Krishnamurti.

Break Plans into Manageable Chunks

All plans and goals seem like a burden on shoulders when worked as a whole. Set your goals and break them into the manageable chunks. This will help you avoid stress and anxiety. People who stress over things often comment that the task seems insurmountable to complete. However, you can take small breaks to make your work more manageable.

Create a timeline to complete your tasks on time and track your progress accordingly. Remember, completing your task early is also helpful, as it allows you to review your file and exclude the errors.

Management is a practice where science meets art and craft, said Henry Mintzberg.

Accept Challenges

Take challenges as an added step of success; identity what is the most challenging thing in your way that will provide you with the knowledge to conquer it for making 2020 successful. It is true – each one of us has experienced fear at some point in our lives. It can stop you from accepting the challenges and encourage you to give up. For instance, the majority of us are afraid to take part in public speaking due to which many people never do it.

Sometimes, students drop out of their colleges due to the fear of showing up for a class presentation or writing long and arduous essays. You must wonder to yourself, can I pay someone to write my essay to make it easy? If you want to achieve success, challenge yourself to overcome the problems by trusting yourself that you can do it, and you will.

Geroge S. Patton said that accepting challenges of life is what make able to feel the excitement of victory. So, go for it!

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