I Work From Home in a Job I Hate

I Work From Home in a Job I Hate

Over the past few months, several significant changes were observed in both the learning and working environment. It was all because of the government imposed lockdowns which left the employers with no other option but to shift their businesses to anonline space.

Presently, almost all of the in-house offices have transformed into virtual places. If we see it from an employee’s perspective, most of them are in favour of the shift and consider themselves more relaxed with improved productivity by the end of the day. Contrarily, others dread waking up to the working space that is either inside their bedroom, kitchen or in any area within their home territory. Moreover, the dissemblance between working from home and running an operation from the office make them hate their jobs. Whereas, it’s not the job that they dislike but the inconsistency of processes and behaviours that come with the sudden change in the working space.

So, if you can relate, allow us to state all the possible reasons why you aren’t liking the new approach. However, first, you must understand that with every transformation comes a few side effects that could be turned into your favour if you identify them beforehand.

1. Working in Pyjamas from the Bed or Couch

If not anything else, the work-from-home system has allowed the workers to operate office tasks from the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, many people take unjust advantage of this leverage and often end up missing deadlines and giving a poor performance.

Here, what you need to do is set up a proper working space that you consider as your office. Before entering the office, you must ensure that you are dressed in something nice and comfortable other than your night suit. This will give you a sense of commuting to your workspace and allows you to be forever ready for quick video conferences and online business meetings.

2. Avoiding or Having Less Communication with Your Colleagues

The more you keep yourself in the dark, the more you are going to suffer. Remember, your colleagues/teammates are going through the same phase as you are. If you don’t reach out for help, nobody will know that you needed help in the first place.

Therefore, the key is to stay in touch with your co-workers and discuss your concerns or issues with them. It will not only give you peace of mind but will also enable you to de-stress yourself through simple conversation. Moreover, make a habit of replying to every single email/message you receive so that the other person knows you are available for small talk.

3. Neglecting Social Life

Since everything is closed outside, you only have a few paths of entertainment left that are open. One of them is the social media platforms that act both as a source of distraction and relaxation during a tough day.

So, make use of your mobile phones and build remote connections with your friends and loved ones right away. Who knows a small conversation and image sharing might change your mood and make your self-quarantine more enjoyable. In case you aren’t looking forward to human interaction, start playing mindful games to keep yourself occupied. Note that games can help increase your brainpower and improve your thinking and decision making skills as well.

4. Moving Forward Without a Proper Plan

Whether it is personal matters or professional goals, none can be achieved if there is no pathway defined. Here, structures, limitations and boundaries are important to keep yourself motivated and on track towards the end goal. When you have everything sorted out, make sure you stick and abide to it. Because setting them might be time-consuming but it will be your consistency and discipline that will make the efforts worth it.

For instance, while you are working from home, ensure that your family members know that you are at work. Tell them to not disturb you from this time onwards so that you can fully concentrate on the tasks at hand. If you have a habit of checking social outlets often, downloading the app blocking program in your phone might help.

5. Neglecting Your Physical Health

First off, you need to specify your working hours and include frequent breaks in between to keep your mind running. In between the gaps, you can either rest or eat notorious meals to give your body the energy it needs to perform complex tasks.

Besides, unlike an in-house job where you leave your place to attend meetings or visit your colleague’s desk to have a small chat, there is little or no body movements while you are working from home. Therefore, you should take some time to flex your muscles and stretch your body every now and then. Because sitting for long hours in one position can lead to serious health issues such as neck and back pain. Just think, if you aren’t physically healthy, what’s the worth of the money that you are earning?

6. Taking Everything For Granted

Working from home might be an extra burden for you but remember those people whose job type doesn’t allow them to operate virtually. They do not have anything to do in this crisis yet have few stomachs to feed.

So, considering your situation, you should be thankful for what you have and continue aiming for betterment. At first, you might need to show some compassion to learn self-discipline and time management, but ultimately, you’ll be stable in the longer run. Also, this new approach is a good way to get yourself around technology and work on your communication skills. Thus, make sure that you participate in learning something new each day for a prosperous future.

Reminder: This Too Shall Pass

Right now, no one can predict the end of the outbreak and return of the workers to their in-house office space. But, eventually, when things will be less complicated and settled, everything will be back to normal. It is only this time that you have to pass and beyond this, a much better future is waiting for you.

As far as the difficulties of working from a distance are concerned, know that everything comes with a price and prize. If you are successful in identifying what works the best for you, no one can stop you from achieving your goals and targets. We hope the pointers mentioned above will help you in paving your way and teach you a good lesson to remember for a lifetime.

Remember, the key is to be optimistic at all time and have the eagerness to see things from multiple perspectives. Only then you will be able to overcome failures and cope up with daily hurdles.

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