10 Sustainable Lockdown Life-Lessons

10 Sustainable Lockdown Life-Lessons

You must have heard people saying, ‘life won’t be the same after the coronavirus pandemic ends’, but, what will the new normal be? What will it be like having the freedom to roam around carefree without the need of wearing the mask again? Well, the answers depend on how you are going to live these moments that are present right now.

However, this lockdown might be distressful for you as you cannot meet your loved ones and struggle to maintain a routine at the same time. But, if you successfully negate the feelings and ignore the losses, there are tons of opportunities and lessons that await you. Besides, social distancing and virtual connectivity have given you the chance to see things from a different perspective.

In this article, we have compiled a list of a few lessons that you might have learned amidst the pandemic.

1. The Secret to Joy isto be able to connectwith others

Whether you are a student or a working professional, your institute must be using an online platform to keep you connected. Considering you aren’t allowed to meet people in-person, just imagine if there was no source for communication, how difficult this lockdown life would have been?Therefore, the current pandemic has opened our eyes to appreciate the daily meetings that we took for granted. After all, the real spice of living is in showing affection while being able to connect physically, in-person.

2. Lesser Commute Makes Life Easier

Now that you are at home most of the time, you might have noticed that you stress-less and have ample time to work, relax, sleep and eat. Moreover, you do not have to miss your breakfast to catch the morning train to reach your destination. All thanks to the technology that has made your lockdown life easier and your health better. It is about time that you realise that the work for which you used to travel hours can be done from the comfort of your home.

3. Expressing yourself is Important

In the pre-pandemic life, everyone was busy in coping up with their routines and only a few of us cared about others. If someone served us coffee in the morning, we only thought that they are doing their job. If someone talked to us nicely, we paid no attention to their efforts of putting up a smiling face.But this global outbreak and the nationwide lockdown has taught us the importance of showing gratitude and support. Because you do not know what the other person is going through. Plus, how great it would be when your little affection can make their day.

4. Money Can’t Fix Everything

The coronavirus outbreak must have been hard for people who relied on money in the past to fix all their problems. Because today, even if you have thousands of money in your bank account, you cannot save the worldfrom this evolving pandemic.Even the world’s superpowers such as the US and the European countries are still struggling to create a cure for this deadly disease. Ultimately, it is not always money that heals things, sometimes kindness and sacrifice play an important role in saving lives and keeping people safe.

5. We Need less than We Think

Who would have thought, all the uniforms that you have been buying for school/work will become a showpiece in your cupboard during this lockdown? Turns out it was only the essential things such as groceries and sanitary stuff whichwere important to live a healthy and happy life. All the other items were only conveniences that you were accustomed to and thought of as the necessities of living. In fact, when individuals participated in different campaigns to spread smile during the lockdown, they agreed it gave them peace and happiness. This means when we spend less on ourselves and more on others, we can be happier and healthier together as a nation.

6. Survival without Travelling – a Possibility

Did you also postpone your trip due to no flights or cancelled flights during this pandemic? Well, this might be a no-brainer but you don’t always need to leave your home to do some fun and enjoyment. If you take a look around yourself, you will find several exciting and amazing things that you can indulge in to spend a care-free day. First being, cleaning your bedroom. Try taking a trip to your old shelves and cupboards and get lost in the sea of memories you and your friends have made over the years. Trust us, you’ll not regret it later.

7. Importance of Staying Financially Healthy

Every month you decide to save money to keep yourself financially strong but each time you fail to stick by your plans. However, now, the closures of all entertainment places, restaurants and cafes due to the coronavirus outbreak have made it easier for you. All the money that you are earning during this period is automatically saving in your bank accounts. Because you are stuck at home all day and don’t have expenses fornew clothes or accessories other than the daily food and sanitary expenditures. But this is only possible if you remain patient and do not shop online!

8. Cooking For Yourself is Not that Difficult

If you knew the amount of food we waste in our hang-outs and dine-outs, you would never head to any eatery for shoppings, movies, lunches and dinnersever again. It is reported that 1/3 food that these restaurants produce is thrown away in bins at the end of the day. Now, since you are staying at home most of the time, you will agree that cooking at home is a life skill and therapy in disguise. You get to explore your true self and show you creative skills while cooking different cuisines and delicacies. In the end, it not only saves your money but also lets you enjoy your time alone.

9. Fresh Air and Healthy Environment is Good For The Soul

With schools shut down, offices shifted to the online space and entertainment facilities closed for visitors, the nation is observing lesser air pollution and noise pollution in the surrounding. You can also witness the greatness of nature, birds chirping and bees humming, if you open your windows in the morning to let the sunshine in. If nothing else, this lockdown has made us appreciate our surroundings and open our eyes to little things that often got ignored during our busy routine.

10. Together We Can Achieve Anything

As different communities from around the world are working together, the only purpose is to provide support to eachother in this pandemic. If we look closely at the beginning of the crisis and the current situation, it has improved in several ways. Therefore, indeed, group work/efforts never go in waste. However, seeing how willing people are to contribute towards a common cause is what makes the impossible, possible.

Unfortunately, it took us the coronavirus outbreak to learn the basics of life that could have been learnt simply and easily. But, now we have come to the point where we can do better, shape our lives and face some of the most difficult problems with lesser hassle. Just remember that through collective efforts we can make this world a better place for all.

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